I was walking to school with my sister. While me and my sister were walking we stopped by a shop to get some chips and drinks for school ‘’hi and welcome how can I help you?’’ the cashier said ‘’umm just some chips and drinks!’’ I said ‘’at your service!’’ (later) ‘’here you go thank you’’ cya later! me and my sister said at the same time as we were tumbling past. I saw a moving bush. I wanted to see what it was. I opened the bush curiously wondering what was in it and then I saw it...


  1. I love the way you contrast ordinary, every day activities, like going to the school, with something mysterious, Janice. Lots of speech in the story makes it feel very real and like it is happening now. I love the phrase ‘tumbling past’. I can just imagine that! Then you leave us in suspense. What did you see, I wonder?


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