Today I'm going to fly to see my parents up North. Then the unexpected happened,
there was a worried voice from the pilot. “Please fasten your seatbelt and prepare for a crash
landing”. And then I saw it, a flock of seagulls coming straight for the engine. I knew this was not good.
I knew this would be the end. Every single person in this plane has their lives in the hands of the pilots.
The pilot said we're going to land in the river and then there was a ginormous splash. Luckily, we
were all saved, although completely drenched. 


  1. Hi Joe, I really enjoyed your 100WC. You set the scene from the beginning and used the prompt in a really natural way. The scenario you wrote was believeable too. Well done.
    Mrs P (Team 100WC)
    Wellington, New Zealand


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